Hero Factory

Hero Factory


Hero Factory revolves around the fictional organization of the same name that manufactures robots known as Heroes on a daily basis and train them to capture criminal villains and protect a similarly robotic populace, thereby maintaining order across the galaxy. Each Hero is unique, with their own distinct personalities and equipment, and are arranged into teams. Hero Factory's headquarters are based in a towering skyscraper centred in the fictional Makuhero City on a terraformed asteroid. The series centers on the missions and Heroes of the Alpha 1 Team, the most praised and experienced team at the Hero Factory. Led by veteran Hero Preston Stormer, the team comprises senior members Dunkan Bulk and Jimi Stringer, original rookies and later fully fledged teammates William Furno, Mark Surge and Natalie Breez and new rookies Julius Nex, Nathan Evo and Daniel Rocka. All Heroes refer to each other by their last name.

Genre; Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi

Language; -

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