This is a magical world inhabited by living food items with hidden talents. There is Salmon (a tough sushi warrior), Super Bao (a steamed stuffed bun), Twi (a deep-fried dough sticks), Choy (noodles), Kui (a sesame seed cake), Roli (a steamed twisted roll) and Dodo (a dumpling). Together, these friends follow Captain Forsea, a steamed bun who cannot swim, and embark on an Age of Exploration in the world of foods. Piloting a ship named The Steamer, they travel to different countries and experience foreign lifestyles. Occasionally they are involved in hilarious misunderstandings due to differences in local customs, but mostly they help good foods fight against local evil forces and foil the evil pirates' schemes again and again. Wherever they go, they sow the seeds of peace and friendship. Despite minor quarrels between the members of this expedition, they overcome all kinds of untold difficulties and march onward, all the time relying on stalwart convictions and supreme courage.

Genre; Adventure, Comedy

Language; -

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