Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2


Episode Title:
Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2.
Episode Description:
A year after the events of the previous film, Merliah is competing in the heats of an invitational surf-meet. Merliah wins first place, narrowly beating her rival, Kylie Morgan, though both ladies get to compete in the finals in Australia. Merliah uses her magical necklace to transform into a mermaid and tell her mother, Queen Calissa, the good news. Calissa is preparing for the Changing of the Tides Ceremony to be held at the city of Aquellia, which is performed every twenty years to gift the ability to make Merillia to a member of the royal family. Calissa expects Merliah to attend, but the surf competition is on the same day. Mother and daughter argue and part ways. The next round of heats take place in Australia, and Kylie beats Merliah when she deliberately brushes Merliah's surfboard and causes her to wipe out. Despite Kylie's win, Merliah's handstand maneuver attracts the attention of reporters, and she's approached by Georgie Majors who asks Merliah to be a spokesperson for Wave Crest surfgear. That night at a luau, Merliah has a photoshoot with Georgie. Kylie is approached by a fish named Alistair who tells her that Merliah has powers that give her an advantage with surfing. Alistair convinces Kylie to steal Merliah's necklace, which Merliah has taken off because of the photoshoot. Kylie gets the necklace, and following Alistair's instructions, puts it on and turns into a mermaid. Alistair then lures Kylie underwater to the deep trench where Eris is still trapped in a whirlpool. Snouts the sea lion, who witnessed Kylie's transformation, secretly follows them. Alistair and Eris trick Kylie into entering the whirlpool, taking Eris' place and freeing her. Snouts returns to the surface to Merliah, who has been searching for her necklace. Merliah can still breathe underwater, so she follows Snouts to the trench and frees Kylie from the whirlpool. Kylie is grateful to Merliah and promises to help her stop Eris.

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