BNA Episode 2 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Rabbit Town.
Episode Description:
As Shirou remains doubtful of Michiru's claims that she is a human, Michiru is told by Marie to meet with Grand Grandma in Rabbit Town to retrieve her stolen wallet. Michiru begins teaching orphan kids how to read and write, until Grand Grandma is pressured into selling them all off to pay off a debt to a gang. While attempting to escape with the children in tow, Michiru becomes able to change the size of her arms to free herself. After Grand Grandma is arrested, Michiru becomes upset with Shirou for not intervening sooner, proving with her student ID that she was human. She then declares her hatred for beastmen due to their cruelty and disregard of life, and vows to find a way to cure her beastman illness and leave the city.

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