Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 16 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Shiketsu High Lurking.
Episode Description:
Ketsubutsu Academy students ambush Class 1-A, but they manage to evade Ketsubutsu's balls by working together. Shindo then separates them by using his Vibrate Quirk to break the ground. Meanwhile, in another part of the arena, Shiketsu High School's Inasa uses his Whirlwind Quirk to pass, taking out 120 students at once. Midoriya gets hit once by Shiketsu High School student Camie using her Glamour Quirk. A big group of students finds them but Midoriya manages to dodge all of their attacks. He rescues Uraraka, but he discovers that it's only Camie pretending to be Uraraka. Sero and the real Uraraka help him. Somewhere else, Todoroki is ambushed by a group of students from Seijin High School.

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