Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 21 English Subbed


Episode Title:
What's the Big Idea?.
Episode Description:
The rescue exercises continue, with Pro Hero Gang Orca being recruited to act as a villain to attack whilst the students are attempting to obtain their Provisional Licenses. He tries to attack the first-aid camp, and breaks Ketsubutsu student Shindo's attempt to distract him. Todoroki attempts to fend Gang Orca off with a stream of fire, but just as the fire is about to hit him, Shiketsu student Inasa diverts the fire with his own Quirk. The two students quickly get into an argument, with Inasa revealing that the reason he hates Todoroki is due to a past experience with Todoroki's father, Endeavour. Unbeknownst to the both of them, the fire that was diverted was close to hitting a downed Shindo before Midoriya intervenes with Full Cowling, and yells at both the students. This snaps Todoroki out of it, as he tries to attack Gang Orca again; only for Inasa to again divert the fire. Gang Orca gets tired of hearing the two bicker and sends them both crashing to the ground. The two students soon both realize the triviality of their arguing and combine their Quirks to trap Gang Orca in a fire spiral. The fire spiral is enough to pick at Gang Orca, but he drenches himself in water and dissipates the flame spiral; soon before Midoriya comes in with an attack using his Shoot Style while the other students save the last victims from the wreckage, marking the end of the Provisional License Exam. Later, the students are all gathered by a screen to see who has obtained their Provisional License.

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