Groove Squad


Episode Title:
Groove Squad.
Episode Description:
When a trio of cheerleaders gets zapped by a jolt of electricity while at a local hairdresser, a lot more changes than their hair style. Endowed with their superpowers like X-ray vision, Super Strength and the ability to Fly; cheerleaders Chrissy, Ping and Mackenzie soon finds themselves with a responsibility greater than winning the cheerleading competition—thwarting the evil Dr. Nightingale's plans for total world domination. As the trio explores their new found powers, they learn the value of teamwork and perseverance. Their powers can only be activated when they drink their fruit smoothies which also triggers the transformation. The Groove Squad Girls may be stereo typically obsessed with their looks and popularity, but like Kim Possible, the group quickly proves to be an athletic group of women serious about the sport of cheering and responsibility to society. Popular teen lingo pervades this feature-length presentation that's packed with humorous detail like flower power hippies, a fully equipped car à la James Bond, and a character who sounds like Austin Powers and Officer Tom Hanson.

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