KamiKatsu: Working for God in a Godless World Episode 7 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
We know we are not worthy. O great Lord Mitama. All living beings were born by
Episode Description:
Loki shows Bertrand without Assembly society has begun to fail. Riche admits she was a Deviant whose love of porn made her a sex expert, so she was made Chief Slut for her erotic knowledge and fake expertise. Yukito promises to destroy the church, so she approves their fake membership. Mitama weakens as her absence causes her followers to spend more time worshipping Atar. Yukito has Riche spread modern sexual knowledge, toys and medications summoned from Japan, causing Dakini’s followers to similarly neglect worshipping the absent Dakini to worship Riche. Furious, Dakini brainwashes Roy by teaching him masturbation is acceptable, so he betrays their plot. Yukito, Riche, Mitama and Alura are accused of heresy but Riche, having being sadistically tutored in acting by Yukito, convincingly fakes utter loyalty to Dakini and begs to be punished at their trial. This gains the support of Dakini’s believers; since someone so clearly loyal to Dakini couldn’t be a heretic. Faced with a possible rebellion Dakini postpones the trial and imprisons them. Roy affirms his loyalty to Dakini and abandons them. Yukito begins planning their escape but their cell is abruptly visited by Dakini’s inhumanly strong, most loyal bodyguards, the Purgers.

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