Mushoku Tensei II: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 Episode 9 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The White Mask
Episode Description:
Flitz wants to reveal her true identity to Rudeus, but fears he might have forgotten her. She gets encouraged by Ariel's approval. Meanwhile, Rudeus continues to study teleportation and sees many similarities to summoning magic. Fitz suggests he consult with a summoning specialist, Silent Sevenstar, but Rudeus is shocked to discover it is Nanahoshi and faints after reliving the trauma of his death at Orsted's hands. Fitz revives Rudeus and Nanahoshi shows Rudeus two Japanese names, Shinohara Akito and Kuroki Satoshi, and asks if either of those names belong to him. Rudeus doesn't recognize the names and comes to the realization that Nanahoshi is a person from his own world. Nanahoshi removes her mask and formally introduces herself as Nanahoshi Shizuka, and Rudeus notes she resembles the high school girl he died attempting to save. However, Nanahoshi wants to find a way back to their world while Rudeus wants to stay. She explains that unlike Rudeus who was reincarnated as a child, she was summoned to the fantasy world as she is now five years ago though she hasn't aged since. Orsted found her and took her under his care, and she has been studying summoning magic ever since, though she lacks mana capacity and cannot cast magic herself. She makes a deal with Rudeus where he will use his mana to assist her in her experiments in return for her knowledge about teleportation. She further explains that the mass teleportation disaster was possibly a side effect of the spell that summoned her to the fantasy world. On the way back, Fitz is glad to hear Rudeus has no romantic feelings for Nanahoshi.

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