The Dangers in My Heart Episode 3 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
I Want to Hug You
Episode Description:
Kyotaro begins writing a dark fantasy manga. Kyotaro goes to the infirmary with headache and finds Anna there with stomach-ache. He wonders if he should kill her but she shares her own medicine with him, then leaves. The nurse asks him to return the shirt Anna left behind, the smell of which arouses him. Boys in class ask Kyotaro to pass Anna a lewd note. Kyotaro instead passes the drawing of his manga heroine, which resembles her. The same boys attempt a trick that supposedly reveals the girls favorite sex position, but the girls expose them before Anna falls for it. Anna unwittingly performs the trick on Kyotaro that suggests girl-on-top position, giving him another erection. Kyotaro cannot reconcile his hatred with his sexual attraction so when Anna injures her nose in basketball he follows her to the infirmary determined to kill her. When he hears Anna crying over her nose ruining an important photoshoot, and sees she has kept his drawing, he realizes he loves her. As her nose hurts continuously Kyotaro leaves tissues as an anonymous gift. He is rather disappointed she uses them to clean snack crumbs and yet happy to see her smile again.

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