The Great North Season 3 Episode 22 For Whom the Smell Tolls Part Two


Episode Title:
For Whom the Smell Tolls Part Two
Episode Description:
Ham and Crispin take charge as president and vice president, managing to locate a way to the roof and move everyone to safety atop the school roof. Learning of a second bunker, Beef and Walt climb down to it and defuse the pressure, but Honeybee finds that blueprints owned by Beef's great grandfather, who sold the land to the meat company, reveal a third bunker under the school that cannot be reached. Junkyard Kyle preps an emergency tractor that can reach the children, but the pizzlies swarm it. Beef manages to communicate to the kids that the school could explode. Faced with death, the kids elect to have prom on the roof and Judy and Kima agree to swap their dates. The loud music scares the pizzlies away, freeing Junkyard Kyle to evacuate them, just before the school explodes. Afterward, a second prom is thrown as the school is rebuilt and Judy's relationship with her date Eli grows. Beef feels guilt over his family's involvement in the environmental disaster. However, Walt explains this resulted from decades of everyone's complicity. Beef concludes that what matters is to work to address the town's problems now before they can cause any more damage.

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