Yowamushi Pedal Episode 27 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Toudou, God of the Mountains.
Episode Description:
Toudou, the ace climber from Hakone, reveals he and Makishima have a race history of having participated in 14 races, being tied at 7 each. In reality they participated in 15 races together, but they don't count one race as Makishima's chain broke during the race when it was down to the two of them. The Inter-High is supposed to be the all-out tiebreaker for the two of them. Toudou does a little urging, but Makishima refuses to give into his prodding. Eventually Arakita tells Toudou to go on because it is apparent Sohoku only has one climber. After cursing the rest of the Sohoku team for not being prepared for this stage, Toudou moves on and begins passing others as he moves toward the fronts. However Makishima doesn't look depressed. Instead he looks motivated and tells Arakita that in 3 minutes' time, everything will change.

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