Yowamushi Pedal Episode 36 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Strongest and Fastest.
Episode Description:
Hayato and Midosuji continue to race for the Sprint Check point. Hayato realizes that Midosuji's leaning forward acts as a hindrance and thinks he will have the win. At the last second Midosuji throws all his weight to the back of his bike, propelling the frame forward and giving him the sprint check point by .02 seconds. Sohoku manages to reach the feed zone in third place, and Makishima reveals that while their teammates might not catch up on the flats, the second stage ends with a climb up Mt. Fuji, where Onoda will surely excel. Further back Onoda and Tadokoro catch-up to Kumamoto Daiichi, the Higo Super Express. It's the start of the climb, and Onoda raises his pace. As they pass Kumamoto Daichi, Tadokoro reveals he has fully recovered thanks to Onoda drafting for him. Realizing he can't go any faster, Tadokoro proposes to Onoda that they sing even though they don't need to pass anyone. After the two sing the opening song in unison, Onoda proposes they sing the closing song next. Tadokoro remembers when Coach Pierre taught them all that bicycles are actually meant for fun, and he realizes it isn't the song that gives Onoda his strength. Instead it is the joy of cycling. Finally in the final 30 kilometers they catch up with their teammates. With their arrival, the atmosphere completely changes for Sohoku. Kinjou gives one final order. Makishima and Onoda are to lead the team up Mount Fuji so they can compete for the days title. Further up the mountain Hakone appears to be falling apart, and Midosuji can't contain his laughter. Silently he declares it is time to finish Hakone once and for all.

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