Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road Episode 3 English Subbed


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With 250 meters left to go Midosuji raises his hands in victory, but he realizes that Kinjou and Fukutomi are slowly gaining on him. In a flashback, Midosuji's tragic childhood and how he became the road racer he currently is are seen. Midosuji doesn't realize he has overworked himself and vows to keep his legs moving at all costs. However with 100 meters left he realizes his legs are beginning to slow down. With 50 meters left Kinjou and Fukutomi manage to pass him, and Midosuji realizes his dream of dominating stage 2 is at an end. Almost as if in response to his emotional breakdown, one of Midosuji's perfect teeth take the moment to crack, and Midosuji declares himself just another loser.

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