Blood-C Episode 11 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Whom Then Are There Now.
Episode Description:
Kanako, Shinichirō, and Nene & Nono reveal themselves to be part of a "main cast" surrounding Saya, playing roles intended to awaken Saya's memories for their own reasons. All the "main cast" members who died are still alive, while the expendable extras are really dead. As they force Saya to drink the blood of the Elder Bairns, which she had allegedly been drinking whenever she passed out, they reveal she is linked to the Shrovetide, a period in time when Elder Bairns can freely devour humans. As Saya starts to remember things as a result of drinking the blood, a Cerberus Elder Bairn appears and the group is confronted by Itsuki and Yūka, who question their motives for interfering.

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