Blood-C Episode 12 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
If Remembering Me.
Episode Description:
Saya remembers her nature as a Elder Bairn, captured and brainwashed by Fumito, who wishes to free her from an oath not to feed on humans. Saya kills the Cerberus Elder Bairn, the crazed half-Elder Bairn Tadayoshi, and an army of multiplying Bunny Elder Bairns as her friends and the townspeople are killed. As Fumito and Yūka escape in a helicopter, Fumito shoots Saya through the head, revealing to her that the guimauve was made from the blood of Elder Bairns. Now alone, Saya tends to her wound and heads after Fumito, while the dog says her wish to stay herself has been fulfilled and that it is now time for her next wish.

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