Boku no Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 17 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Relief for License Trainees.
Episode Description:
In order to win the hearts of the Masegaki Elemenary School children, Katsuki, Inasa, Shoto, and Camie work together under Katsuki's strategy. At the end of the day, Endeavor vows to Shoto to become a hero that the latter can be proud of. Later, the U.A. students attend Nighteye's funeral along with the pro heroes. Eri has woken up at the hospital, but is still emontally unstable. Furthermore, the horn on her forehead, which her Rewind originates from, has shrunk. Meanwhile, Izuku notices Yuga Aoyama acting strangely. Later, Yuga reveals that he knows Izuku's body can't handle his Quirk, and that he himself can't handle his own Quirk. The two boys form a friendship over their shared struggle.

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