Boku no Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 18 English Subbed


Episode Title:
School Festival.
Episode Description:
For October, the U.A. students plan to launch a school festival. Izuku and Mirio visit Eri, as she has requested to see them. Eri wishes to know more of them, as they saved her. Eri is unaware of Nighteye's death, but feels guilty over endangering the people who rescued her. Mirio reassures her, and asks her to smile, but she is unable to, and Izuku believes that she still has to be saved from Overhaul's influence. He asks Aizawa to allow her to attend the school festival, so she can smile again. Aizawa agrees, and talks it over with Principal Nezu. Meanwhile, a villain named Gentle Criminal and his subordinate, La Brava, are searching for a scheme that will make him be remembered.

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